12th Bombardment Wing

Constituted as 12th Pursuit Wing on 19 Oct 1940. Activated in the Panama Canal Zone on 20 Nov 1940. Inactivated on 6 Mar 1942.

Redesignated 12th Bombardment Wing. Activated in the US on 8 Sep 1942. No groups were assigned. Moved to England, Nov-Dec 1942. Assigned to Eighth AF. All personnel and equipment were withdrawn in Jan 1943. Disbanded in England on 9 Oct 1944.

Reconstituted, redesignated 12th Bombardment Wing (Light), and allotted to the reserve, on 3 Jul 1947. Activated in the US on 3 Aug 1947. Redesignated 12th Air Division (Bombardment) in Apr 1948. Inactivated on 27 Jun 1949.

Redesignated 12th Air Division. Organized on 10 Feb 1951. Assigned to Strategic Air Command.

Components. Groups. 16th: 1940-1942. 32d: 1941-1942. 37th: 1940-1942. 53d: 1941-1942. 321st: 1947-1949. 322d: 1947-1949.

Wings. 22d Bombardment: 1951-. 44th Bombardment: 1951. 106th Bombardment: 1951-1952. 320th Bombardment: 1952-.

Stations. Albrook Field, CZ, 20 Nov 1940-6 Mar 1942. MacDill Field, Fla, 8 Sep 1942-28 Nov 1943; Chelveston, England, c. 17 Dec 1942; Marks Hall, England, 12 Jan 1943-9 Oct 1944. Cleveland Mun Aprt, Ohio, 3 Aug 1947-27 Jun 1949. March AFB, Calif, 10 Feb 1951-.

Commanders. Brig Gen Adlai H Gilkeson, 20 Nov 1940-c. 6 Mar 1942. 2d Lt Leonard B Flemmons Jr, c. 10 Sep 1942; Maj George M Green, c. 24 Sep 1942; Maj Henry G Silleck, c. 17 Nov 1942; Maj Thomas L Dawson, c. 25 Nov 1942-c. 19 Jan 1943. Brig Gen Wiley D Ganey, 10 Feb 1951; Brig Gen Howell M Estes Jr, 1 Mar 1952; Brig Gen Charles B Westover, 23 Jul 1953-.

Campaigns. American Theater; European-African-Middle Eastern Theater.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Azure (sky blue), in dexter chief a star argent, charged with a torteau, two fuzes of bomb or, encased with boxing gloves proper, in bend, gloves toward base, surrounded with indications of speed lines argent. Motto: The Old One Two. (Approved 16 Apr 1952.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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