349th Troop Carrier Group

Constituted as 349th Troop Carrier Group on 23 Oct 1943. Activated on 1 Nov 1943. Equipped successively with C-53, C-47, and C-46 aircraft. Trained and participated in various maneuvers. Moved to the European theater, Mar-Apr 1945, and assigned to IX Troop Carrier Command. Used C-46's to transport vehicles, gasoline, and other supplies in western Europe and to evacuate patients and prisoners of war. Ceased operations on 15 Jun 1945. Returned to the US, Jul-Aug 1945. Trained Chinese crews to operate C-46 aircraft. Inactivated on Sep 1946.

Redesignated 349th Troop Carrier Group (Medium). Allotted to the reserve. Activated on 27 Jun 1949. Ordered to active duty on 1 Apr 1951. Inactivated on 2 Apr 1951.

Redesignated 349th Fighter-Bomber Group. Allotted to the reserve. Activated on 13 Jun 1952.

Squadrons. 23d: 1944-1946. 311th 1943-1944; 1949-1951. 312th: 1943-1946; 1949-1951; 1952-. 313th: 1943-1946; 1949-1951; 1952-. 314th: 1943-1946; 1949-1951; 1952-.

Stations. Sedalia AAFld, Mo, 1 Nov 1943; Alliance AAFld, Neb, 19 Jan 1944; Pope Field, NC, 8 Mar 1944; Baer Field, Ind, 4-15 Mar 1945; Barkston, England, 30 Mar 1945; Roye/Amy Airfield, France, 18 Apr-13 Jul 1945; Bergstrom Field, Tex, 17 Sep 1945-7 Sep 1946. Hamilton AFB, Calif, 27 Jun 1949-2 Apr 1951. Hamilton AFB, Calif, 13 Jun 1952-.

Commanders. Maj Elmer F Estrumse, 1 Nov 1943; Col Leonard Barrow Jr, 26 Nov 1943; Lt Col Benjamin M Tarver Jr, 29 Aug-7 Sep 1946.

Campaigns. American Theater; EAM Theater.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Per bend sky blue and azure; in bend a lightning bolt gules fimbriated argent, between three aircraft in flight, and a representation of the golden gate bridge or; the shield edged of the last. Motto: Facta, Non Verba - Deeds, Not Words. (Approved 26 Jul 1956.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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