408th Fighter Group

Constituted as 408th Bombardment Group (Dive) on 23 Mar 1943. Activated on 5 Apr 1943. Redesignated 408th Fighter-Bomber Group in Aug 1943. Assigned to Third AF, then to Second (Nov 1943), and again to Third (Feb 1944). Received A-24, A-26, P-40, and P-47 aircraft in Oct 1943 and began training. Disbanded on 1 Apr 1944.

Reconstituted and redesignated 408th Fighter Group (Air Defense), on 8 Jul 1955. Activated on 8 Apr 1956. Assigned to Air Defense Command.

Squadrons. 455th: 1944. 518th (formerly 636th): 1943-1944; 1956-. 519th (formerly 637th): 1943-1944. 520th (formerly 638th): 1943-1944. 639th: 1943.

Stations. Key Field, Miss, 5 Apr 1943; Drew Field, Fla, 22 Sep 1943; Abilene AAFld, Tex, 10 Nov 1943; DeRidder AAB, La, 12 Feb 1944; Woodward AAFld, Okla, 26 Mar-1 Apr 1944. Klamath Falls Mun Aprt, Ore, 8 Apr 1956-.

Commanders. 1st Lt Reynold H Ulick, 7 Apr 1943; Maj John R Reynolds, 22 Jun 1943; Maj Wyatt P Exum, 22 Sep 1943; Lt Col Thomas Hitchcock, 26 Dec 1943; Maj Wyatt P Exum, 1 Feb 1944; Lt Col Harry L Galusha, 18 Mar-1 Apr 1944. Lt Col Robert L Larson, Apr 1956-.

Campaigns. None.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Azure, a lightning bolt, bendwise, or, between two jet-like eagles volant proper with trailing speed vapor proper. Motto: Defend With Vigilance. (Approved 22 May 1957.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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