480th Antisubmarine Group

Constituted as 480th Antisubmarine Group on 19 Jun 1943 and activated in North Africa on 21 Jun. Assigned to AAF Antisubmarine Command. Using B-24's, the group had the primary mission of carrying out antisubmarine patrols in an area of the Atlantic extending north and west from Morocco. Its antisubmarine activity reached a peak in Jul 1943 when enemy U-boats concentrated off the coast of Portugal to intercept convoys bound for the Mediterranean; by destroying and damaging several submarines during the month, the group aided in protecting supply lines to forces involved in the campaign for Sicily. The group also covered convoys and engaged numerous enemy aircraft in combat. In Sep 1943 part of the group moved temporarily to Tunisia and operated in connection with the assault on Italy; missions included searching for enemy submarines, covering Allied convoys, and protecting the Italian fleet after the surrender of Italy. The group was awarded a DUC for actions that contributed to the winning of the Battle of the Atlantic. Moved to the US in Nov and Dec 1943. Disbanded on 29 Jan 1944.

Squadrons. 1st: 1943-1944. 2d: 1942-1944.

Stations. Port Lyautey, French Morocco, 21 Jun-Nov 1943; Langley Field, Va, c. 18 Nov 1943; Clovis AAFld, NM, 1-29 Jan 1944.

Commanders. Col Jack Roberts, 21 Jun 1943-unkn.

Campaigns. Antisubmarine, EAM Theater; Air Combat, EAME Theater.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: North African Theater of Operations [1943].

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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