89th Troop Carrier Group

Constituted as 89th Transport Group on 19 Jan 1942. Activated on 1 Feb 1942. Assigned to Air Transport Command (later I Troop Carrier Command) in Apr 1942. Redesignated 89th Troop Carrier Group in Jul 1942. Provided transition training for pilots, using DC-3's and later C-47's. Began training replacement crews in Mar 1944. Disbanded on 14 Apr 1944.

Reconstituted, allotted to the reserve, and redesignated 89th Troop Carrier Group (Medium), on 10 May 1949. Activated on 27 Jun 1949. Ordered to active service on 1 May 1951. Inactivated on 10 May 1951.

Redesignated 89th Fighter-Bomber Group and allotted to the reserve. Activated on 14 Jun 1952.

Squadrons. 24th: 1942-1944; 1949-1951; 1952-. 25th: 1942-1944; 1949-1951; 1952-. 26th: 1942-1944; 1949-1951; 1952-. 27th: 1942. 28th: 1942. 30th: 1942-1944; 1949-1951. 31st: 1942-1944.

Stations. Daniel Field, Ga, 1 Feb 1942; Harding Field, La, 8 Mar 1942; Camp Williams, Wis, 20 Jun 1942; Sedalia, Mo, 8 Sep 1942; Del Valle, Tex, 14 Dec 194 _ Apr 1944. Hanscom Aprt, Mass, 27 Jun 1949-10 May 1951. Laurence G Hanscom Field, Mass, 14 Jun 1952-.

Commanders. Capt William C Allen, 1 Feb 1942; Col Julian M Chappell, 8 Apr 1942; Lt Col Ralph Gibbons, 4 Apr 1943-14 Apr 1944.

Campaigns. American Theater.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Or, upon and over a bendlet gules a stylized radial motor azure, that portion over the second fimbriated of the field surmounted by a torteau fimbriated argent, and charged with a winged helmeted head of a soldier couped of the last. Motto: Primis Cum Plurimis - First with the Most Men. (Approved 5 Jan 1943. This insigne became an element of a new insigne approved 12 Mar 1953.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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