Drew Haynes

Drew Haynes and Bob Hopkins first met at a 'Concerts in the Garden' event in 2002, when Drew and his girlfriend were attending in period attire. A good conversation about the uniform initially, World War II in general, and the Air Corps in particular ensued. The end result was the Army Air Corps Living History Group of the Vintage Flying Museum!

Drew is a sixth-generation born Texan, but grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University in 2001 with a B.A. in History. Active throughout his college years in various activities on campus, he is a proud alumnus and past president of the ASU chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. He is always quick to point out that his being a KA makes him a fraternal brother of General George S. Patton, Jr., and General George Marshall! He followed in the footsteps of his maternal grandfather and attained his Private Pilot's Certificate on March 25, 1999.

Following graduation from ASU, he moved back to his ancestral home of Texas, where his family has lived ever since the good Lord created the Lone Star State on the eighth day. (Some details may be inaccurate.) In March of 2002, Drew added his Instrument Rating to his Private Certificate, and flew with the Fort Worth Senior Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol for over two years. After being accepted into the U.S. Air Force for Undergraduate Pilot Training, he was heartbroken to find out that color-blindness was an insurmountable obstacle on the way to a career as a military aviator. Consequently forced to take the civilian route to an airline job, in March of 2003, he became a Commercial Pilot with a Multi-engine rating, and in October became a flight instructor. In April of 2005, Drew was hired by Berry Aviation, a charter airline. He completed training by mid-May and moved to San Marcos, Texas in June. At Berry, he flies Fairchild SA-226 and SA-227 Metroliner twin turboprops, and Cessna CE-550 Citation business jets, hauling cargo and passengers. In late March 2006, he was hired by American Eagle Airlines, making him the fourth generation of his family to work for American/American Eagle Airlines!

Drew has been attracted to U.S. military history like a bug to light ever since he can remember. The War Between the States and World War II have always been his passions. He started reenacting at the age of fourteen with a Confederate artillery unit in Phoenix. After about a year, he transferred to the 5th Texas Infantry, and subsequently the 1st Arkansas Infantry. After a year of walking, he became a horseman with the 1st Virginia Cavalry. Within a year he was a founding member of I Company, 8th Texas Cavalry. After five years in the horse cavalry, he decided that World War II was calling his name. He joined the 116th Panzer Grenadiers, a Wehrmacht unit of the Arizona Historical Association. Three years as a German were enjoyable, but he longed to be a 'Good guy'. After moving to Texas after college, he co-created the Air Corps group with Bob Hopkins. He met some of the guys from the 36th Infantry group at the July 4th, 2003 Parade in Burleson and quickly joined them as well!

Drew is currently a member of the Army Air Corps Living History Group; B Co, 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th 'Texas' Infantry Division; the Arrowhead Chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association; K Co, 23rd Regiment, 4th Marine Division; the Vintage Flying Museum; and the ?Battling Bastards of Bataan,? an early-war Philippine Campaign group.

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