Eleventh Air Force

Constituted as Alaskan AF on 28 Dec 1941. Activated in Alaska on 15 Jan 1942. Redesignated Eleventh AF in Feb 1942. Participated in the offensive that drove the Japanese from the Aleutians, attacked the enemy in the Kuril Islands, and, both during and after the war, served as part of the defense force for Alaska. Redesignated Alaskan Air Command in Dec 1945

(This Eleventh AF is not related to an organization of the same name that was constituted on 13 May 1946, assigned to Air Defense Command, activated on 13 Jun 1946, and inactivated on 1 Jul 1948.)

Commands. XI Bomber: 1943-1944. XI Fighter: 1942-1944.

Stations. Elmendorf Field, Alaska, 15 Jan 1942; Adak, 10 Aug 1943; Elmendorf Field, Alaska, 1 Oct 1946-.

Commanders. Lt Col Everett S Davis, 15 Jan 1942; Col Lionel H Dunlap, 17 Feb 1942; Maj Gen William O Butler, 8 Mar 1942; Maj Gen Davenport Johnson, 13 Sep 1943; Brig Gen Isaiah Davies, 4 May 1945; Maj Gen John B Brooks, 22 Jun 1945; Brig Gen Edmund C Lynch, 21 Dec 1945; Maj Gen Joseph H Atkinson, 1 Oct 1946; Maj Gen Frank A Armstrong Jr, 26 Feb 1949; Maj Gen William D Old, 27 Dec 1950; Brig Gen Walter R Agee, 27 Oct 1952; Maj Gen George R Acheson, 26 Feb 1953-.

Campaigns. Air Offensive, Japan; Aleutian Islands.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. On an ultramarine blue shield, a red Arabic numeral "11" outlined in white, above a winged white star, bend sinisterwise, with a red disc in the center, wing golden yellow. (Approved 13 Aug 1943. This insigne was superseded by another on 23 May 1947.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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