Ninth Air Force

Constituted as V Air Support Command on 21 Aug 1941. Activated on 1 Sep 1941. Redesignated Ninth AF in Apr 1942. Moved to Egypt and began operations on 12 Nov 1942, participating in the Allied drive across Egypt and Libya, the campaign in Tunisia, and the invasions of Sicily and Italy. Moved to England in Oct 1943 to become the tactical air force for the invasion of the Continent. Helped prepare for the assault on Normandy, supported operations on the beach in Jun 1944, and took part in the drive that carried the Allies across France and culminated in victory over Germany in May 1945. Inactivated in Germany on 2 Dec 1945.

Activated in the US on 28 Mar 1946. Assigned to Tactical Air Command until Dec 1948 when the Ninth, reassigned to Continental Air Command, lost its role as a tactical air organization and became concerned chiefly with reserve and national guard activities. Redesignated Ninth AF (Tactical) in Aug 1950. Assigned to Tactical Air Command in Dec 1950 and again became concerned primarily with tactical air operations. Redesignated Ninth AF in Jun 1951.

Components. 9th Air Division (formerly IX Bomber Command): 1942-1945. IX Air Defense Command: 1944-1945. IX Fighter Command: 1942-1945. IX Tactical Air Command: 1943-1945. IX Troop Carrier Command: 1943-1944. XIX Tactical Air Command: 1944-1945. XXIX Tactical Air Command: 1945.

Stations. Bowman Field, Ky, 1 Sep 1941; New Orleans AAB, La, 24 Jan 1942; Bolling Field, DC, 22 Jul-Oct 1942; Egypt, 12 Nov 1942-Oct 1943; England, 16 Oct 1943-Sep 1944; France, 15 Sep 1944; Germany, 6 Jun-2 Dec 1945. Biggs Field, Tex 28 Mar 1946; Greenville AAB, SC, 31 Oct 1946; Langley AFB, Va, 14 Feb 1949; Pope AFB, NC, 1 Aug 1950; Shaw AFB, SC, 20 Aug 1954-.

Commanders. Brig Gen Junius W Jones, Sep 1941; Col Rosenham Beam, 1942; Lt Gen Lewis H Brereton, 12 Nov 1942; Lt Gen Hoyt S Vandenburg, 8 Aug 1944; Maj Gen Otto P Weyland, 23 May 1945; MajGen William E Kepner, 4 Aug-2 Dec 1945. Brig Gen Homer L Sanders, 28 Mar 1946; Maj Gen Paul L Williams, 1 Nov 1946; Maj Gen William D Old, 15 Sep 1947; Maj Gen Willis H Hale, 20 OCt 1949; Maj Gen Willard R Wolfinbarger, 1 Aug 1950; Maj Gen Edward J Timberlake, 7 Sep 1951-.

Campaigns. American Theater; Air Combat, EAME Theater; Egypt-Libya; Air Offensive, Europe; Tunisia; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Azure, a bezant winged argent charged with the Arabic numeral "9" gules, in honor point a mullet of the second bearing a torteau. (Approved 16 Sep 1943.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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