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Links to some of our favorite websites.

2nd Bombardment Group - Official website of the 2nd Bombardment Group / Association

301st Bombardment Group - 301st Bombardment Group of the 12th and 15th AF

32nd Bomb Squadron - The 32nd BS of the 301st BG(H) of the 12th AF

444th Bombardment Group (VHS) - B-29 Group, 20th AF

57th Bomb Wing - 12th Air Force, Mediterranean Theatre of Operations, 1942-1945

6th Corps Combat Engineers - 36th, 39th and 540th Combat Engineers, who bravely fought against the Axis powers from North Africa into Sicily, Italy, France, Central Europe and ended their tour of duty in Germany in 1945.

American Aces of WWII - American fighter pilots and airplanes of World War Two.

American Red Cross Museum - The American Red Cross in WWII

Army Air Corps Library and Museum - Army Air Corps Traveling Exhibits & Digital Library

B-17 Rigor Mortis - The Rigor Mortis was a B-17 in the 12th AF, 301st Bombardment Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron.

B25.org - Home of the B25 "Pacific Prowler" - currently housed at the Vintage Flying Museu, Fort Worth, TX

B-29s - Site dedicated to B-29s

Capital Wings - The Capital Wing of The Airman's Preservation Society.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum - Located in Addison Texas, the Cavanaugh has a great collection of vintage aircraft.

Clubmobile.org - American Red Cross "Clubmobiles" in WWII

Highland Lakes Squadron of the CAF - Home of the C-47

Military Vehicle Preservation Association - Arrowhead Chapter located in Texas

Rat Patrol Radio - Online Radio Station playing Swing and Big Band Music, with authentic WWII radio excerpts.

Return2Style.de - Informational website on civilian clothing styles

Sons of Liberty Museum -

The Collings Foundation - Touring Airshow, Flight Museum with many WWII flying aircraft.

The Fedora Lounge.net - A message board for anything 1940s & WWII

US Army Chaplain Corps - Site detailing the US Army Chaplains of WWII

USS Hilbert - DE 742 - USS Hilbert, Destroyer Escort 742, Pacific Fleet

Vintage Flying Museum - Located in Hanger 33 South on Ft.Worth's Meachum Field.

WASP in WWII - The WASP during WWII

Web-birds.com - Research page for WWII AAF Units

Women in WWII - History of Women in Uniform, World War II.

World War II Memorial - Official Site of the WWII Memorial in Washington DC

www.armyairforces.com - An excellent forum / message board to post questions

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